Looking for some intimate vacation, far away from large resorts, discovering hidden paradises while sharing the island life?

romantic lodges and authentic guest houses in tahiti

For those looking to share the polynesian way of life at an affordable cost, staying in boutique accommodations selected by our team is a perfect answer.

You'll share, see, understand, feel and experience life in the islands, staying far away from large resorts.

Living in a traditional Polynesian bungalow (believe us we do have great ones to propose to you!), whether constructed of traditional or modern materials, in locations that are not too well-known yet very scenic in the welcoming and spontaneous warmth of a Polynesian family is a unique experience that combines romance, tourism in search of authenticity with friendliness, quiet and intimacy, discovery and open space.

You can rely on us for having selected only the best lodges and guest houses, this is very important as some lodges provide very basic rooms or service, while others feature bungalows that can be compared to a four stars resort! Each property is different from the others, some are great for lovers, others for family or others for divers...
We've visited all the lodges we are proposing to you, we know these by heart. We'll select for you the ones fitting your travel goals, no matter if you're looking for romance, adventure or family times.


- Our lodges are located in isolated places mostly, so you won't have a whole bunch of tourists all around you!

- The small number of bungalows offers the possibility to exchange a lot with the owners of a lodge or even with the others guests. That will add a lot of friendliness into your vacation.

- The price of course! Staying in our selected lodges cost in average half of the price compare to staying at a luxury resort.

But you'll not get all the services you can have staying in a classified resort, for example: infinity swimming pool, laundry service, room service, a la carte meals... won't be available.
The main difference is regarding meals, almost all lodges propose a fixed menu for lunches and dinners, meals that you can share with the others guests of your lodge as meals as generaly taken on one large table fitting all guests (the schedule of the lunches and dinners is fixed so everybody is joigning the table).


We do have a large range of lodges, family run hostels and guest houses to propose, so by selecting these nicely we can propose vacations for :

- Honeymooners and lovers

Couples looking for beautiful, uncrowded places to stay, in romantic bungalows, mostly located next to the lagoon
(which can be mixed with a stay in an overwater bungalow at a large resort if needed ;).
Please check below a sample of the romantic lodges we can offer to you :

Vanira Lodge

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Beautiful bungalows made with natural materials only
- Large tropical garden
- Amazing views on the lagoon & sunsets
- Calm & trnaquility of the place
- Bungalows with private jacuzzi available


Why you'll like this guest house:
- Incredible bungalows worth any 4 stars resorts
- Peacefull atmosphere of this place
- Nice food prepared by the owner
- Kindness of the owners (and they're golf teacher too)

Fare Pea Iti

Why you'll like this lodge:
- Only 4 bungalows on the property for a calm & quiet atmosphere
- Beautiful bungalows comparable to the ones of a four stars resort

- Excellent food
- Patio village with stores close to the lodge, easily accessible by bike

Pension Alice & Raphael

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Perfect location on an islet
- Friendlyness of the owners

- Romantic & Polynesian inspired bungalows
- Excellent food

Tevahine Dream

Why you'll like this guest house:
- The most romantic bungalow for a guest house on Rangiroa
- Excellent food

- Kindness of the owners
- Nice snorkeling spot

- For divers, surfers, kite surfeurs, hikers...

Adventure seekers looking for accommodation offering a great value for money, located next to dive spots, surf spots or hiking trails. Where they'll exchange on their dives, waves... with all the other guests before or during the dinner.

Please check below a sample of the family run hotels & guest houses we can offer to you :

Pension Bonjouir

This family-run pension is offering accomodation and activities for all types of adventure and soul seekers looking for the real Tahiti. Located on the small island of Tahiti, close to the famous Teahupo'o wave.
Imagine yourself in a bungalow hidden in the lush jungle of Tahiti's untouched, unspoiled and magical coast of Tahiti, accessible only by boat!

Fare Aute

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Perfect location by the lagoon, nice beach
- Fully equipped bungalows

- Stores nearby
- Friendly owners   

Fare Vaihere

Why you'll like this family hotel:
- Calm & quiet property by the lagoon (only 3 bungalows!)
- Very good food prepared by the owners

- Kindness of the owners

Pension Tupuna

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Authentic polynesian experience in a beautiful tropical garden
- Typical polynesian bungalows, decorated with natural materials only

- Very good chef! The best meals on the island made by Loretta (Franck's wife)
- Exceptional garden, Franck the onwer will explain you all the plants and flowers
- Lovely owners

Tokerau Village

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Perfect location by the lagoon, one of the best snorkeling spot on the island
- Only 4 bungalows for rent = quiet & peacefull stays

- Free wifi access
- Very good food made with local products & Gahina, the owner, is very kind & friendly  

Pension Bounty

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Nice studios equipped with a kitchen
- Excellent food

- Kindness of the owner Alain
- Beautiful beach located 200m from the guest house

- For families

Families willing to discover the real life on an island, staying in large bungalows that can fit the whole family also looking for the best value for money.
Please check below a sample of the guest houses and lodges we can offer to you :

Le Relais Fenua

Why you'll like this guest house:
- Located 200m from the most beautiful beach on the island of Tahiti
- Excellent quality/price ratio on Tahiti
- Stores & restaurants at walking distance from the guest house

Linareva Beach Resort

Why you'll like this family hotel:
- Nice location by the lagoon, next to a beautiful white sand beach
- Great snorkeling easily accessible from their pontoon
- Beautiful tropical garden
- Bungalows equipped with a kitchen

Villas Bougainville

Why you'll like these villas:
- Unique concept offering your private villa, your car & your own boat!
- Huge tropical garden

- Quality of the villas
- Kindness of the owners

Pension Titaina

Why you'll like this lodge:
- The kindnest of the owners, Sophie & Lionel
- Beautiful tropical garden

- Excellent food cooked by Sophie
- Amazing lagoon trips with Lionel
- Only 3 bungalows on the property for a calm & quiet atmosphere

Creating your custom vacation in Tahiti

You can search our vacation deals and select on each island the lodge/guest house you want. You'll be able to save your itineraries online too. We don't recommend to book your package online, as we'd like to be sure that the lodges/guest houses you have selected are the ones fitting your needs, so talking to one of our travel consultants is generaly needed.
An authentic experience is not a classic one, it requires a very good knowledge about the accommodations that we'll provide to you, and you need also to receive a lot of information on each of the lodges, what's available and what's not, to prepare your trip in the best way.
So don't hesitate to contact our travel advisors for custom quotes & best advices.