See Tahiti and her islands exactly how you want to seeit, on an itinerary fashioned for you by our Tahiti experts

Experience French Polynesia on a journey, filled with exclusive insider accessopportunities, planned by local experts with your interests and preferences in mind everystep of the way, backed with 24/7 support located in Tahiti.

When it comes to planning a Tahiti vacation that is just right for you, there is nosubstitute for working alongside an expert — and EASYTahiti has the best, based and livingthere, trained like no others.

The benefits of working with an EASYTahiti Travel Advisor:

You can book travel yourself – but why would you want to?

1) Leave the Planning to the Experts
Our Travel Consultants, all dedicated travelers in their own right, work closely with you tocreate a made-to-order journey of a lifetime, optimized to make sure you get the most out ofevery moment. They'll learn how you like to travel and what kind of activities make yourvacation meaningful to you.
From arrival to departure, every detail is anticipated and every effort made to ensure aseamless, unforgettable travel experience.
By doing you planning yourself you only rely on information available on the internet, werely on our experience of tours we have done, on the nights we've stayed at eachaccommodation.

2) Saving time
With plenty of information available on the internet, you can spend hours and days preparingyour vacation to French Polynesia.It makes sense to entrust your most valuable asset – your time – to an experiencedEASYTahiti travel advisor.
Our advisors spend a lot of time in the islands themselves – scouting out hotels, deepeningrelationships with tour guides, and finding the best restaurants and things to do.

3) Unbeteable price + Installment payment plan
It's a common behavior that by booking yourself directly with hotels and tour companies, yousave money on your total vacation price because if a travel advisor is involved, you'll haveto pay for this service. We can prove you it's not the case at all in Tahiti!
By benefiting of our negociated rates at hotels, BnB, cruises, tours and airlines, we passyou at least a 5% overall discount on the suppliers public prices.There's no better way to save on your next vacation to French Polynesia then buying thewhole travel package from us.
+ Pay a deposit of 35% only to secure your vacation. Installment payment plans availablewith no fees or interest if you decide to book a custom vacation with us.

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  • A vacation matched to your interests, your style and yourbudget

    Every traveler is different — and so is every Luxury Tailor Made Journey. We consider whatyou want to do and how you like to travel, and then put that knowledge to work to make ajourney uniquely yours.Create a journey based on one of these themes, mix and match them or make up your own for ajourney that’s just right for you.
    There's no better way to save on your next vacation to French Polynesia then buying thewhole travel package from us.

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