china passport holder no need of visa to travel to bora bora

French Polynesia Visa Exemption for visitors for Chinese passport holders

Chinese passeport holders, who live outside CHINA, require just a visa exemption to enter French Polynesia (so you don't need a Visa but you do need an exemption of this Visa). As an accredited travel agency in French Polynesia, we at, will take care of issuing your visa exemption for your vacation in French Polynesia.

In order to be eligible for the French Polynesia Tourist Exemption Visa you have to:

- book your vacation package including International flights to Tahiti (examples: Los Angeles to Tahiti flight or Auckland, Tokyo, San Francisco, Seattle to Tahiti flights) + Inter islands flights or ferry + all hotels or cruise in French Polynesia through the approved travel agency EASYTahiti.

To do so, simply book your vacation package online and when your travel consultant at EASYTahiti will contact you after your booking, simply ask for the visa exemption and provide all necessary documents to us. Please note that if you have booked your international flights to Tahiti yourself we'll not be able to issue a visa waiver for you.

- proof that the package has been bought through the approved travel agency "EASYTahiti" (your EASYTahiti travel consultant will send you these proofs by e-mail before your departure, you'll have to take these with you while traveling)

- stay maximum 15 days in French Polynesia

- proof of travel insurance including repatriation guarantees & covering  of medical and hospital expenses (you can book your travel insurance with us)

- Valid passport (expiration date must be later then 3 months after your departure date from French Polynesia)

With these documents in hands you'll be ready to visit our islands in French Polynesia.

Find and book your package online and one of our travel consultant take care of your itinerary. We will provide all information on the visa exemption and on your vacation plus we'll answer all your questions.

For an official information on the procedure to get your VISA exemption, you can click on this link.

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