A Hi'o To Mou'a Tahiti

Tahiti Island

Live the Polynesian experience, surrounded by the beauty of nature ! This magnificent modern and quiet house is a little place of paradise and above all, a world famous place for surfing. Ideal for romance, discovery.

Why you'll like this homestay rental:

- For its location: at the South of the island of Tahit, A Hi'o To Mou'a is 1 hour 30 minutes by car from the airport, and is close to the beach, the famous Teahupoo surf spot, and interesting sites to explore.
- For the environment: Nestled in the middle of nature, multiple waterfalls and small swimming areas, magnificent valleys ideal for recharging batteries, easy access to the river, a lot of fruit trees where you will find guavas / mangoes / vi tahiti / lime / coconut / uru etc., presence of animals (horses, ducks, hens, rabbit, dog ...)
- For its story: "A Hi’o To Mou’a" refers to an ancestor calling people to turn back to nature, to their roots. In order to pursue this path, the aim of this experience would be to give the guests an immersion in this tahitian family to learn how the Polynesians live and how to appreciate the Fenua (land and family), to transmit love, sharing, link with the land and Polynesian history.
- For its rooms: All equipped, comfortable and decorated with care.

Tip: We recommend a car or scooter rental during your stay, to visit the island at your own pace.

Breakfast will be served and available every morning from 6 am and includes: bread / pancakes / banana cakes, homemade jams, garden eggs, tea / chocolate / coffee / , blue pea or aute infusion, plate of local fruits. Lunches and dinners consisting mainly of fresh local / homemade products / seafood, etc., can be organized and shared with the family. There is also the equipped kitchen, as well as the proximity of the shops which will allow you to prepare your meals or the restaurants in the surroundings, if necessary.
Free activities: kayaks, beach, river, hikes...
* Please note: To ensure a competitive rate and limit unavailability problems, you can contact your EASYTahiti travel advisor to organize your activity program in advance.