Robert Wan’s Tahiti Black Pearl

If you want to get in touch with your spirituality or simply love that simple and mystical look, this is the charm to complete your outfit! This jewelry designed by Robert Wan has black pearls from Tahiti that makes native and elegance altogether a good match.

It has three designs to choose from. The necklace (has a single black pearl that serve as a pendant for the black leather), bracelet (has a single black pearl with a white rectangular charm on the other end; strap made in red woven materials) and anklet (it has a black pearl and two other charms; strap made in red woven materials).

3 Responses to “Robert Wan’s Tahiti Black Pearl”

  1. Taylar Thompson Says:

    Do you know where I could purchase the necklace?

  2. Laurent Says:

    Ia Orana,

    An online shop is available at their website :

    Sunny Regards,

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    haga clic en el siguiente sitio…

    Robert Wan’s Tahiti Black Pearl…